Period Painting for inspiration

Period Painting for inspiration

From past to present…

When you look at a paint color, have you ever wondered if our predecessors would have used the same color when decorating their homes? We can learn a great deal from them, because they often had a very good appreciation of such things as color, style and proportion.

Color as part of style

It’s important to remember that the colors used in the past were part of the overall scheme. You’ll find they fit best when used within their own setting. For example, you can use Victorian paint colors where ever you want, but they’ll look best when used in a room setting which also contains Victorian furniture, fixtures, fabric designs and so on.

Researching a period style

This can be a very rewarding experience. People often start to research a particular period and find it turns into an enjoyable pastime. You may watch a film, see a play or illustrations in a book, and want to know more. Or a visit to an historical house can set you off on a trail of discovery. Libraries, museums, the Internet – all these can provide you with information on your chosen subject.

And once you’ve found the information you need, you can apply it to your own home.

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