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The information in the following categories provides a thorough overview of the company — inside and out — from our corporate philosophy, history, products and facilities to our community outreach and environmental activities and communicating information about health and safety. The bottom line — who we are and what we stand for.

Girl on Jungle GymAll about Owens Corning. Past, present and future. We’ll take you back through our history and the development of the first glass fibers. Explain the Core Values that guide our business now. And share our philosophy on corporate responsibility. Learn what our leaders are thinking about — what they have to say just might surprise you.

Owens Corning does that? Yes, we do. In fact, our customers incorporate Owens Corning materials solutions to produce a host of products and equipment you probably never thought of. Like cars and computers. Optic fiber cables, pipes and bridges. Hockey sticks, tennis rackets and much more. By using Owens Corning glass fiber reinforcments and technological support, our customers can make their end-use applications stronger, lighter and more durable… see how our materials find their way into everyday life. We also sponsor exciting sports like Freestyle skiing, and innovative projects like the Sunraycer solar-powered vehicle. Check us out!

Health & Safety Answers. Owens Corning fiber glass insulation’s main environmental benefit is energy savings. But, all insulations save energy. What makes fiber glass insulation the leader is that our products are the most rigorously tested by internationally recognized scientific experts. We want to share this information on the safety of our products with you. Want to know more? We have the answers.

Embracing Diversity. At Owens Corning we recognize diversity as a business imperative that is critical to the continued success of our company. It is with this mindset that we conduct our daily business and strive to achieve the level of diversity excellence that we aspire to. This means we recognize, respect and appreciate individual differences in our employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

In Our Communities. Owens Corning takes an active role in supporting and enhancing lives — not only for our employees and families, but also for the people in the communities where we live and work. We understand that meeting the needs of today’s youth will mean a brighter future for everyone tomorrow, so we are engaged in projects around the globe that focus on providing children and families with warm, safe and dry homes. We give generously of our time and expertise to ensure children have all the tools they need — from housing to education — to learn and thrive.

Where to find us. With a map of our facilities worldwide, this area has a list of locations to put you in touch with us. We’ll help you find out what you need to know and answer any questions about our company and products.

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