Neutral colors

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Neutral colors

Neutral colors are difficult to classify. The more you reduce saturation, the more neutral a color becomes. So for our purposes, we’ll consider browns, creams and grays as we consider these types of colors.

These colors are very versatile. They are restful, and safe, because they mix well with others. If you want to be able to change the feel of a room during the seasons, then use beige and gray, and you can safely mix in more definite colors.

When you want to ‘warm up’ the room, use warm accent colors – a red rug on the floor, or a throw on the couch. Then to ‘cool’ it down, use aqua or mint green in flower arrangements, pillows and pictures.

If you’re not very confident with color, then using beige as the background interior design color for your room is safe. You can then experiment with smaller items with accent colors which can be changed whenever you want.

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