Steve Jobs Tribute – A Mark on Design, Too.

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Steve Jobs Tribute – A Mark on Design, Too.




Steve Jobs – A universally recognized face. image from Maypalo.com

It ‘s hard to live in most cultures today and not be affected or influenced by something that would not have been a reality,  had Steve Jobs had not passed this way. His death seems nearly surreal. We tend to picture what is larger than life being just that; his loss is a  poignant reminder of the universal inevitability shared by all who pass this way. But it’s also a tribute to what can be achieved with the time at hand, if one is truly inspired and driven by personal vision so compelling, that it seems impossible to act in any other capacity.

I did not know Steve Jobs, or anyone who knew him, and this is not a tech blog – but like so many niches of interest, he had a hand in making the tools for the trade that I love just a bit more handy and accessible. I thought a brief aside might be in order to share some great design apps today as a gesture of respect from one person to another who holds vision and inspiration in the highest regard.

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